Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Non-standard windows are a decoration of your interior

Difficult to imagine some dwelling apartment without windows. Windows give light us, warm and crisp air.

Non-standard windows are a decoration of your interior.
All of us got used to that a window is this square opening in a wall, glass and frame cuttings-in in that. But if to look at windows on the other hand, then it is possible to detect, that window it is not only light, doing our house warm and comfortable but also most enormous possibility to do the interior of the apartment unusual or even unique.

Non-standard windows
Believe, exactly a window with lightness can become the that sparkle of your apartment that will do her design unique. And the question here is quite not about window shades, cornices and other elements of decor, the question is about windows as such.

Non-standard windows
Earth is in a porthole.

If you want, that your interior was distinguished by the originality from thousand quite unnecessarily to spend millions on every whimsical little things - it is enough to do your window aperture not rectangular, and round, we it admits. This non-standard decision will present to the interior of your apartment that необычайность, about that you dreamed.

Non-standard windows
Yet more successful will be this experiment, if your dwelling is located higher than the third floor - a kind from such window will yet more attract your look. Hiding such window under window shades, certainly, is not needed, vice versa, he needs to be splurged, and by various methods to underline his beauty.

Not bad various glass shelves, on that you will be able to place different little things that roads to your heart, will look next to such window.

Non-standard windows
From ceiling to the plinth.

The so-called French windows like, for example, very many people. French in Russia it was got used to name a window from a plinth to ceiling, id est practically in all wall. While, unfortunately, not all can take the liberty of to incarnate all ideas in life, and to see such windows we got used anymore in serials about beautiful life, than in our everyday life, but progress does not cost in place, and in very quick time in Russia such windows will leave off to be rareness.

Non-standard windows
Such window can many show oneself not practical. It will be cold in winter, and in summer, vice versa, hot. But it only on the face of it. On business main all prettily to think over. It is needed to invite a good specialist for consultation and necessary calculations. Certainly, on the ground floor of ordinary multistoried building such window can cause some discomfort . Feeling can be present, that you someone watches constantly. But for the last floors the French window can be a remarkable decision. A window aperture from a plinth to ceiling will present the enormous amount of light to your apartment, what a room by sight will increase due to.

Correctly executed such window will become the main constituent of your interior certainly. If your apartment is on one of the last floors of multistoried building, then you can take the liberty of not to curtain off a window in general. If with open windows do you feel uncomfortably, then it is possible to hang up very easy window shades heavy and dark here will not suit categorically, otherwise, why to do such window, if then to hide him?

Non-standard windows
A stained-glass window is a decision not for all.
How does a stained-glass window look? Do not find an answer for this question? Then imagine a glass picture. Now present that your window and I am this picture. Interestingly, indeed? It is needed to say that stained-glass windows today go back into a fashion, in fact a picture from the pieces of varicoloured glass looks really refined.

Non-standard windows. A stained-glass window is a decision not for all.
But a stained-glass window ideally will blend far not in every interior. Such window must be continuation of some history, history that is told by your interior. The point is that a stained-glass window is one of ancient works of art, and, and an interior of your apartment must be in such style. But if you will invite a designer (business professional) and will tell to him about the idea, then he necessarily will think of history for your interior and the protagonist of this history will be exactly a stained-glass window. Yet more interesting such window becomes, if it will be, for example, arched form. In general, here to your fantasy I am where to be walked about.

Working out the totals, it be possible to say, that today exists many methods to do the interior interesting and unusual. Main not to go across a that border that dissociates refinement and beauty from ridiculous bad taste. So that better do not feel sorry facilities and invite the designer of interior that will help to incarnate you in life all your ideas. Successes to you!