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Style Kitsch

Style Kitsch
Occurrence "style - a kitsch" has simply turned, upside down, all representations about styles, and design, about colour and impressive compatibility. Its main idea which a red thread passes through its concept, consists in a kind sneer at art tastes and history, traditions and styles.

At the head of a corner not covered bad taste, it is main principle of a choice and intended not combinations of colours, the invoice and decor subjects. The psychology of the person is that that he always aspires to present itself(himself) better, than it is actually, and this desire to look more solid and rich, has laid down in a basis of style a kitsch. Earlier when each product was individual, on its manufacturing days, week and even year with growth of technical progress there was possible a conveyor manufacture with which help it was possible to put any "masterpiece" on a stream left.

Thanks to it, in 60 70 years, in the market there was a large quantity of respectable things which, as a matter of fact, were their cheap copy, but trustful consumers it at all did not confuse, they with ecstasy transformed the apartments into «magnificent apartments». To reach an outer effect it has appeared so simply, and the effect, has appeared unusual, therefore and today, fans to "show off" by means of style the kitsch.

Registration of apartments in this style fashionable enough and bright direction of last years. It is so exotic that simply amazes imagination. Style a kitsch, it, as a matter of fact, very original and rethought repetition of classical style, is an unimaginable cocktail which has mixed real a retro with imaginations about it.

Certainly, it would be completely not bad, if these imaginations have art taste and sense of proportion. In colour scale of a kitsch that only is not present. At it are present, absolutely, any colours and shades, beginning, with brightly scarlet and pink, finishing violet and green. Recently, even more often apply aggressively bright, red colour, and also, white and black, and, by all means, gold.

Many people, simply do not guess that have surrounded itself with a kitsch, can they somewhere it and heard, but do not know that it means. To data, a kitsch, in translation from German, cheap bad taste means that not strongly pleases.

But always there will be people who, несмотря, on what, are ready to surprise and result all in bewilderment, denying all classical authorities. They funny and brightly put on, at all times, and as funny and in an original way equip the house. So, from this point of view, style the kitsch, existed always, only anybody did not know about it.

In the majority, it is generated from satiation and improbable luxury, or, on the contrary, from poverty which tries to become rich. But also in that and in other case it, as a call, aspiration to shocking, display, let and thus, the eccentricity and freedom.

The kitsch from a solvency, is interesting enough variant as in many respects it depends on taste of the customer having specific enough idea about luxury and beauty, at it the glamour, and any belief of the designer cannot convince such customer that he risks when realises the wishes. All arguments of the professional fall about its categorical confidence of own outstanding taste and personal correctness. Here, will or bondage, works a principle that the customer is always right. The owner of apartment, for example, can insist on that it has been executed in antique design of Greece. Then there there are porticoes and columns, and in those places where the owner specifies, but they can be most not approaching and unexpected, let us assume, in a doorway, and caryatids and atlants, among other things, should be similar to owners of dwellings.

This inept imitation to noble samples, the roots, leaves in days of old when provincial hotels, aspired to be similar not less than on hotel "Astoria" that in the city of St.-Petersburg. In these hotels it was possible to meet an ivy, instead of a velvet, толстенные the modelled frames painted, under gold, a bronze paint, instead of the gilt baguettes, and on walls the world "masterpieces" ordered in the local handicraftsman hung. Marble on bas-reliefs of walls and columns the drawn. But, in the majority, owners of such institutions very much were proud and that the most interesting, enjoyed a cheap beautiful copy. Them simply held apart from own "security", and the others, and in truth so thought. Russian prototype of style a kitsch existed for a long time and, very precisely, displayed its idea.

Absolutely other shape at a kitsch of an interior from poverty. It, on attitude, is similar to punks and street graffiti. These interiors saturated self-made partitions and curtains from polyethylene, a wall are painted by an aerosol paint, an is bright-sour shade, and furniture from the nearest dump. Here the irony to become grotesque and, often, passes in aggression, but desire to have at least something, instead of naked walls and windows, the reason outweighs. Such registration of internal space is deprived any common sense and not to everyone to taste, therefore to live with such interior it is possible only in a certain state of mind.

In the Western countries, at one time, in magazines printed articles on a design theme the hands from make-shifts. Then was considered that any person has certain art and creative potential, and as sense of beauty. Certainly, about qualities and a rationality of such councils, at times and it is not necessary to speak.

In our socialist past, ideologists have written down a kitsch in the black list of narrow-mindedness and mass bourgeois culture which were strictly punished by various censures. Older persons remember ruthless struggle against plaster coin boxes in shape of sitting cats, with rugs «three bears» and with little elephant on whatnots.

But, without looking, on what, style a kitsch, has defended the place in the sun! The people it is obedient has thrown out on a dustbin of bears and little elephant, but, instead, in ornaments of apartments crystal and everything began to be used actively that «under crystal», it is enough to remember, broken all records of popularity, a chandelier "Cascade". Walls and floors, without fail, were in carpets that at once allowed to have the status of rich and dear person.

Today carpets obviously not so are actual, but the general principle of registration of own habitation, on belief, «time all is beautiful, it is necessarily rich» has remained that is called, in the best kind. But, possibilities has for this purpose appeared much more, and it is possible for you, at home to carry out «exit session of the Peterhof palace ensemble».

Here everything is pertinent, since antique columns and the arcades which are propping up low ceilings, curtains, with a drapery from a lining fabric, floor vases, with the faded plastic colours, crystal chandeliers, but from the Czech glass, a stucco moulding from polyfoam, with "gilding", pictures, in "bronze" frames, house фонтанчиков, the gnomes surrounded with figures, cases, with carved curls «under a tree», window sills, "marbled", and finishing other elements of beautiful and rich life. All it, according to owners, urged to create atmosphere of the prosperous house. By the way, carrying out kitchen repair, all is possible not badly it to combine, certainly, be not overzealous.

It is necessary to notice that style a kitsch is not expressed financially. The luxury and the present value of things do not guarantee that this style will not lodge in your house, therefore if you, at an accomplishment of the interior, pursue the unique aim, to amaze all with the financial well-being very much can be that this purpose will finish you … to a kitsch.

And it is absolutely unimportant that you have paid fantastic sums for Gothic windows, and the fireplace in an English drawing room has managed to you in the whole condition if your spouse hangs up a tulle on these windows, and from above velvet curtains with "gold" brushes, and over a fireplace will flaunt, поистер the Sikstinsky Madonna. Even the most magnificent house will not look noble and elegant, if its owner has one purpose, self-affirmation and boasting by personal riches. Certainly, in the normal life, specially sustained style a kitsch the phenomenon rare enough, but sometimes meets, as a rule, it speaks about specific sense of humour of owners.

So, a kitsch as the intricate child of our time, already became a part of history of design and completely independent style, but, all the same, probably, it is not necessary to try to connect, unjoinable.

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