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Stages of building of the frame house

1. Stage of acceptance of the concept of the future house and project choice.

At this stage it is necessary to be defined with key parametres of a choice of the project of the frame house.

House floor space.

For this purpose, at first it is necessary to be defined with prospective quantity living in the house, thus it is necessary to consider not only existing structure of a family, but also prospect of its replenishment. It is considered that the person harmoniously perceives inhabited space if on one living 30-40 square metres of habitation are necessary. Further it is required to be defined with house premises according to their appointment and their necessary quantity, it is not necessary to forget about auxiliary and technical premises. Having co-ordinated on a family council these questions it is possible to define in the first approach the first parametre – a total area of the future house.

Аn amount of floors is in a house.

Here already known conditions – a total area and appointment of premises, for decision-making become criteria for decision-making, to them it is necessary to add the sizes of available territory of building and its lay-out, the factor of specific features of the future tenants, for example, elderly members of a family can experience difficulties if they have to rise on the third floor on a ladder, also the superfluous will not think of harmony with already constructed houses in your settlement.

Constructive and technological complexity, in building sense.

At a project choice it is necessary to consider, what forces of workers, their qualification means, is planned to realise the conceived. For example, there is a desire to equip a ground floor, perfectly, a part of technical premises – garage, a boiler-house, premises for maintenance of in shape – training, zones allowing to relax, a sauna, a home theatre hall, wine cellar, etc. all these premises can be placed in a ground floor. But in this case it is necessary to understand, the device of a maintained basement, is one of the most difficult, in technical sense of a word, works. That the equipped zone has brought an expected relaxation, instead of a continuous headache, for work it is required to address to civil engineering firm possessing qualified personnel, experience of carrying out of similar works and good reputation. Much more simple decision at building of the frame house, this device deepened finely the base and carrying over of all above the listed premises on level above a zero mark. Cost of materials, works and risk of reception not qualitative result will decrease for an order. The same weighed approach is necessary for applying, choosing from variety of variants of furnish of a facade, size of flights between support of overlappings, constructive complexity of a roof, etc. Thus I at all do not urge to choose the elementary projects with двухскатной a roof, very much the other way the frame technology opens before architects the almost not limited possibilities for realisation of the imagination.

Engineering systems.

Electrical supply, supply of water and system of its preparation, the water drain, choice heating and system of moving away of smoke, ventilation and air conditioning system. Important to make a choice of necessary life-support systems of your house at this stage, without postponing this question on then. As this choice will affect quantity and the area of technical premises. For example, the heating copper will demand a separate premise - a boiler-house, and in case of use as a source of heat of diesel fuel in addition and a separate input, opposite to system of automatic electro-heating get divorced from an electroboard, without taking away floor space metre. If there is no possibility to be connected to the centralised system of water supply it is necessary to use independent sources of water supply, most likely it will be an individual chink, in 90 percent of cases it is necessary to clear water of undesirable inclusions, it becomes by means of systems of water purification which also will demand a separate premise.

2. Project choice.

The project coordination in architectural department and building licence reception.

3. House binding on district.

Geological conditions of district on which building is conducted, demand a binding of the chosen project. Any standard project carry out under condition of building on an equal platform that in real life meets extremely seldom. There are two ways of a binding – without change of a lay of land and in this case processing of a socle and underground part, or with change of a relief of building is required, this method depending on a bias and problems of further use of territory will demand or platform planning, or it creation of terraces, last variant demands smaller expenses more often.

4. Calculation of quantity of necessary materials and scoping of works, choice of partners.

For calculation of quantity of materials necessary for building of the frame house, amount of works, and also their cost can use the help of experts. For example, having given to us, the complete set of the design documentation, you can receive the detailed specification on materials and works, on the base device, erection of a skeleton of walls and overlappings, their warmings, materials of external and internal coverings, variants of facing of a facade, materials of a roofing design, a window and a door of entrance group also will enter into it. Work with our Firm will be convenient and favourable, first of all, to that we have more than 10 summer experience of deliveries of building materials in wide assortment, being direct partners of hundreds manufacturers of production of building appointment. Working with us in all assortment of necessary building materials, except convenience, you have the right to count on considerable discounts, also.

5. Platform preparation.

Base breakdown. A supply of communications. Building of the base of the frame house.>

6. Erection of a design of the wooden frame house.

Power design of the frame house

1. An intermediate rack of a skeleton.
2. Bottom обвязка.
3. A wooden beam of overlapping.
4. An angular rack of a skeleton.
5. проёмный a crossbar.
6. Top обвязка.
7. Bottom обвязка.
8. стропильная a foot.
9. A wooden beam of garret overlapping.

Elements of a power skeleton provide spatial rigidity of a design of the frame house. Thus for the best transfer of loadings on bearing elements of walls, overlappings and rafters, the step of installation of racks, wooden beams of overlappings and rafters is desirable for accepting the identical. The step between power elements of a design of the frame house can be accepted from 0,5м to 1м. At a thickness of a rack 50мм optimum value will be or a step 0,625м if the width of the chosen material of a covering is equal 1,25м. (It is cement-struzhechnaja a plate (ЦСП)), or a step 0,61м, for those cases when the width of a material of a covering will make 1,22м. (orientirovanno-struzhechnaja a plate (OSB) or plywood). The offered step of installation of power elements of a design of the frame house will successfully be co-ordinated and with parametre of width минераловатных теплоизоляционных plates, dense installation of plates between bearing elements in this case is provided. Also the superfluous will not notice that the similar step of installation стропильных feet is admissible for use of any roofing materials.

As the basis for a frame wall serves bottom обвязка in which quality the wooden bar of sections 150х150мм is used, 150х200мм where the second size defines width of a rack and a thickness of a heat-insulation layer. It is preliminary carried out waterproofing отсечка a wooden design from the base, to this purpose use the roofing material combined in 2-3 layers. For prevention of lateral shift, bars bottom обвязки fasten to the base by means of anchors. Прямоугольность installations of bars обвязки it is verified by means of a building square (the fastened ends of a rope with the parties 3м, 5м and 2). Installation of racks of a skeleton should be begun with house corners, vertical position is checked by a plumb or building level. As angular racks of a frame wall it is necessary to use a bar square сечения150х150мм or 200х200мм, depending on the chosen thickness of a heater.

Intermediate racks should be exposed with observance of a uniform plane of a wall, also carefully checking vertical position of installation, further it will allow to avoid complexities with installation of an external and internal covering. Connection of elements of the wooden frame house is better to carry out by means of the steel zinced connectors which represent тавровую a plate or a square with the amplifier, for fastening of a wooden beam of overlapping use the steel zinced crampon, such way, unlike cuttings, increases speed of installation, and also raises rigidity of a power design of the frame house since places of connections are not weakened by cuttings. Finishes a frame wall top обвязка, usually it is a board section 50х150мм or 50х200мм. The wooden beam of overlapping, and then bottom обвязка a following floor, its section 50х150мм or 50х200мм is Afterwards established. Window and doorways, as a rule, have width big, than a step of installation of racks of a skeleton, therefore are made выпилы racks and installation проёмных crossbars.

7. Warming of a design of the frame house.

Before a bookmark теплоизоляционных plates, from the interior of the house, it is necessary to mount пароизоляционный a layer. Having convinced of quality of performance паробарьера, it is possible to start installation of plates of a thermal protection. Thus it is necessary to observe some simple rules.

* In building of the frame house, as a heater of a wall it is better to use минераловатные теплоизоляционные plates on a glass or stone fibre in density to 35kg/m3, thus the width of a plate should be wider than distance between racks on 2,0-3,5см, in this case plates rise densely without backlashes.
* It is necessary to do a thickness of a layer of a thermal protection type-setting, for example, in 150мм, it is necessary to type a layer or from 3 layers on 50мм, or from two layers 100мм and 50мм.
* Layers should be shifted rather each other, blocking horizontal seams.

Installation гидро, - a wind-shelter breathing membrane becomes finishing operation of warming of a wall of the frame house. More in detail about designs of walls see more low.

All rules of installation of a thermal protection in walls are completely applicable for warming of wooden overlappings, behind that only a difference that as a thermal protection it is possible to apply минераловатные floor-mats in density to 11 kg./m. 3 on a glass fibre. Without functionality loss, it will give more than polutoro-fold economy. More in detail the scheme of wooden overlapping over a cold underground and interfloor overlapping, and also the table of sections of wooden beams of overlapping, depending on a step of installation and distances between support, представленны more low.

8. External and internal covering of frame walls.

The external covering raises mechanical rigidity of a design of frame walls, and also carries out function of protection of an internal part of a skeleton from atmospheric influence. In building of frame houses as an external covering plywood of mark ФСФ, plates OSB 3 (orientirovanno-struzhechnaja plates of the raised water resistance) and plates ЦСП (it is cement-struzhechnye plates) is applied. The last it is more preferable, if it is supposed to plaster a facade.

The internal covering also is a link of a power design of the frame house, and can be executed under more low presented scheme. If at installation of racks of a skeleton it was not possible to observe a uniform plane the internal covering can be executed a board section 25х150мм, a board thus "beat" nails through one, gypsum cardboard sheets, in this variant, it will be necessary to mount on the zinced profiles. The obvious minus of the second variant, is floor space loss. For example, on a room 1,4 m. 2 will appear the area of 25 metres lost, on the house of 250 m. 2 masters of the house will not be counted by the area, approximately, 14 m. 2!

9. Installation стропильной designs.

The design of a roof of the frame house has no basic differences. It is recommended only installation стропильных feet to make with step equal to a step of installation of racks of a skeleton. In detail with requirements shown to стропильным to designs.

10. Installation of a ceramic flue.

11. Installation of windows and doors of entrance group.

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