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The Scandinavian style.

The Scandinavian style.
n 20th years of last century has declared itself, so-called, Scandinavian style. First of all, environmental conditions and as national traditions and character, have played very important role in its formation and development. Scandinavia is known for that has short summer and long winter, a sunlight and heat lack, therefore it is quite natural that a severe environment simply should affect the basic lines of this style. Very reserved and rational character of inhabitants of this peninsula, and also presence of natural stocks of raw materials, actually, also have defined style which, in a counterbalance to the nature, differs light abundance, heat, naturalness, and as the big functionality.

The characteristic feature of this style is that fact that houses are created for themselves, for heat and a cosiness instead of that visitors admired and envied. The second, not less important line of this style, presence of a large quantity of subjects from a natural tree is, and a number the wooden subjects executed in the Scandinavian traditions and processed by means of modern technologies perfectly well feel. The most popular kind of furnish of a floor, a ceiling and walls, the covering a tree is. On a floor a parquet or the bleached sexual boards, and if before a board very carefully scraped to receive a necessary whiteness now, there are special technologies which by means of cars have considerably simplified this process.

The Scandinavian style it, first of all, very simple and natural in furnish and repair of apartments an interior, absence of a delicacy and pretentiousness on walls and a ceiling, therefore surfaces of walls and a ceiling finish with a tree, plaster or paste over, as a rule, with monophonic light wall-paper though combinations of a tree with a bricklaying are possible also that is very nice. Scandinavians very scrupulously watch that used materials were non-polluting and had a natural natural origin.

For the premises executed in the Scandinavian style, the colour scale in cold tones more approaches, generally, white, all the same it is northern country, but is not neglected also warm colour shades, such as, dairy colour, olive, beige. At face lifting it is enough to tint only walls and ceilings that is very economical and simple. Bright colours, as a rule, are applied to contrast and to place any emphasis in an interior. The colourful rugs executed by special Scandinavian technics пэчворк, decorative pillows, covers, plaids, coverlets, other products from textiles can become such bright stains. It is necessary to notice that the textiles which are used in the Scandinavian interior, very harmoniously combine colour and drawing. The natural fabric in a strip and in a cage is very popular, it can be wool, flax or a clap.

Short light day has essentially affected registration of windows, they cannot be closed the dense curtains made of heavy fabrics, on the contrary, here long easy curtains from a translucent fabric which well would pass a daylight are welcomed, creating thus cosy and warm conditions in a room. Window frames necessarily should to be combined with walls harmoniously. Light walls and light frames, it is not important крашенные they or from plastic. If walls are finished by a tree it would be not bad that also frames were wooden and, it is desirable, would have togas a shade.

One more feature of the Scandinavian style is the furniture. As premises are assumed to be light and spacious also furniture in rooms should be a little, by the way, it distinguishes also minimalism, however distinction that the Scandinavian furniture, at all external simplicity, bears in itself the big functional loading. Carrying out repair of kitchen of it it is necessary to consider. This type of furniture has arisen simultaneously with style and was at once, on advantage, is estimated and recognised by world designers. The furniture is made exclusively from natural, non-polluting raw materials, as a rule, from an alder or pine file. Besides, modern Scandinavian technologies allow to use multilayered wood which helps to receive a beechen cut, birch and oak. The furniture consists of modules that is very constructive and convenient as it is easy for collecting and putting. The upholstered furniture, besides, with natural fabrics and materials, such as a skin, suede a clap, flax is upholstered.

In this style there are no superfluous, not necessary things, useless accessories. Ancient family photos on the turned yellow paper, are near to the pictures written by oil and there and then children's drawing, in a beautiful wooden framework can take place. It is necessary to notice that Scandinavians very much love the things made own hands,

As natural illumination in premises lacks, the special attention is given to design of light. The premise, on-possibility, is filled with different light sources that for today completely not difficultly. At Scandinavians light and glass cult. Light should be much, it should be bright and various. All fixtures necessarily should be with glass, semimatte or matte plafonds, but also, simply transparent as a crystal, glass too is welcomed. Artificial illumination, as a rule, distinguish the big variety of styles, the sizes and forms, are popular, both ceiling chandeliers, and various sconces, floor lamps, dot fixtures, and as the floor.

Well also finishes all composition interior design in the Scandinavian style various room ornamental plants as they too are a nature part, and it is very much appreciated by Scandinavians it is, especially, necessary to consider that fact that the nature is very severe and does not dazzle with greens and colours. Ornamental plants settle down everywhere, and decorate any premise, and a drawing room, then on a floor, and on kitchen, then on window sills, and on loggias and balconies.

The Scandinavian style is easily recognised on light tones, it is elegant, natural and laconic, gives heat and creates quiet atmosphere of a cosiness and comfort in the house.

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