Saturday, January 29, 2011

Painting and plaster works

Сlout painting works an inevitable stage of repair work at apartment major repairs. Furnish of premises of objects of new building, too does not do without alignment of surfaces of walls, ceilings, slopes, putty seams of plates of overlapping. House-painter plaster works are very numerous. The most labour-consuming and responsible from them are:

* Рlaster arch apertures, a surface of walls, ceilings on beacons;
* Covering of walls, partitions gypsum cardboard;
* Warming, noise isolation of walls, ceilings;
* Decorative plaster and colouring on it;
* The device of borders one, two-level (rectilinear, not rectilinear) and installation of false ceilings;
* Putty under painting, colouring, surfaces of walls and ceilings, gluing on them of wall-paper;
* Colouring of windows, doors, slopes, window sills, with partial plaster and putty.

It not the complete list of works which include house-painter plaster works. Cost of plaster works at us is low. Will familiarise with quotations it is possible in section "the Prices for repair"

Being taken by many years by repair and furnish our company constantly expands assortment of services. It is connected with constantly growing market of materials and new technologies which Painting works, plaster worksshould be mastered and introduced to our masters of shtukaturno-painting and finishing manufacture. All these works are directly connected among themselves, for example, even the device tension or a false ceiling with modern illumination, demands participation of the designer, the designer, the electrician, the carpenter, assemblers and performance of painting operations. The order at us any kinds repair and painting and decorating, allows to receive to the customer, the qualitative end result, without wasting time on searches of the different companies.

In summary, we want to remind, we carry out all малярно plaster works in Moscow irrespective of their complexity and volume. The result always will be qualitative, reliable and long in operation. Good responses of our numerous clients, long-term activity of the company, and the main thing, our work executed for you, will confirm these words.

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