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Interior in style of Elektika

Interior in style of Elektika
At the big desire, or emergency, it is possible, and in space of one room, to find a faultless combination of various styles. For example, if you adore, modern style hi-tech, but do not want to leave, thus, a grandmother's carved dresser from an oak. The main thing so to organise space near to a dresser that it did not look the outsider, and it will be simply remarkable, if he also favourably underlines the general idea of an interior of a room. Besides, if the family consisting of several persons lives in one apartment, different age, mixture of styles becomes simply necessary. Here then to you the eclecticism to the aid will come, it is modern, but very original style, as a sponge, incorporated some directions. Repair of apartments in Moscow, in its apartments, Khruschev's type, can be carried out by means of this unusual modern style.

The XX-th century has become history of design, as a century which has mixed all styles, that is eclecticism.

In the beginning of the last century it seemed that all is already created also all attempts of avant-gardists in creation something new rested that already has been created and reflected by someone in various cultures of the East and the West earlier. And then it became clear that if to borrow experience at each of cultures, and then all to connect, it is possible to create something interesting and new. Here in the third millenium style which on the structure is rather diverse also has turned out.

That the composition has turned out harmonious, mix close styles, for example baroque and a modernist style, classicism and an empire style then things in an interior, do not contradict each other. But sometimes, elements of various styles are intentionally opposed, then it is already risky experiment. And still, so pleasantly when mixture of the elements belonging by different epoch, in extraordinary proportions, leads to a single whole, and enters into amazing harmony, creating absolutely inimitable, picturesque and individual style eclecticism.

All interior design of such house, teems with contradictions literally, for example, among themselves samples of the most various painting perfectly get on, since children's drawings and finishing cloths of ancient masters. The ancient sofa which has worried of many epoch, has perfectly added modern easy chairs. It is necessary to notice that thus in an interior where subjects of various style are mixed, it is important to do accent on details because they are capable to unite such different things. We will admit, you want to make a key part of a drawing room manually painted fabrics which you have bought, on an exotic resort. That it is successful to allocate this element of a decor, it is necessary to consider carefully colour scale of a room, for example, a part of walls, it is necessary to leave white, and a part to paint with the sated colours which it is perfectly underlined all individuality of the elements of dressing located on their background. By the way, such reception can give to an interior additional depth.

Any house, as a live organism. Individual traits of masters of the house leave a certain mark and for its image. It constantly develops together with the tenants, and grows old. Many home decoration so fallen in love to grandmothers and grandfathers, grow old together with them, and become antiques and the basic decorative accent, and sometimes, on the contrary, so to owners that they and would throw out all for a long time, but it is very difficult to them to leave a part of the, so favourite, the past. Familiarly, isn't that so? Do not hasten to send all it on a dump, it is a little imagination and here already, at first sight, things not approaching each other on style so have made friends that is simply not clear, how they were separately earlier. Thus, you simply managed to create eclecticism, and it is very harmonious. Kitchen repair as can be carried out with eclecticism use, perfectly well combining the past and present, black and white, the east and the West.

Similar original interiors, often are present at houses where people much and travel and bring various souvenirs from trips. Contrary to everything, all things, apparently, brought of the different countries, perfectly well get on with various furniture, both with modern, and with the ancient. In this house the set various вещичек which together create a surprising cocktail of a decor easy co-exists. And the general tendency of such interior, consists in a flight of fancy and thought freedom, when things so pleasant to the owner, supplement each other, невзирая on any styles. Such interiors are absolutely unique and unusually decorative: they are impregnated by the colour, each detail represents a small work of art, but all together they are magnificent.

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