Saturday, January 29, 2011

Interior in style of the country

The twentieth century, truly, a century of opening both in a science and the technician, and in culture and building, and its beginning has presented to the whole world easy, romantic style of the country. Using it in an interior, it is possible to create elegant and cosy atmosphere of the house. "Country" means rural, it means that in its decor rural motives prevail, and the native land England though in each country there are villages and the small villages is considered, each nationality has the traditions, means also the features in registration of this style. At the heart of style lie developed centuries a way of life, dialogue, a life of the countryman, it is not dependent on he lives in what country. But, that less, English villages, have laid down in the basis of classical style of the country. Very accurate and arranged well, with paved small streets and the cosy residences which are buried in verdure and flower beds.

In spite of the fact that in the last century there was a big migration of agricultural population in cities, this rural style could remain, as original and organic, and now, as if, celebrates the rebirth and gets the admirers. And it is not surprising, as overloaded with a city rhythm and vanity people want to have a rest at home, and, then, practically everyone has rural roots, especially it concerns big cities. For this reason repair of apartments even more often means interior registration in style of the country though city life in rural style demands certain compromises.

Has put it not such and difficult, and the things stored on mezzanines inherited by us from our ancestors, will help to bring nostalgic notes in a decor and will fill our house with family atmosphere of a cosiness and heat. To any other design style, in such full measure, it was not possible to carry by in itself, developing centuries, national traditions and spirituality. For this reason, each subject which has got by right of succession, becomes, an interesting and expensive element of an interior, but still it helps to save up patrimonial roots of a family.

Style of the country has developed for a long time, but also today it to look capable to is modern enough, the main thing not to go too far in a decor and to refuse pretentiousness, as at the heart of style refined simplicity and naturalness, and so - functionality.

If completely to follow a technique premise registration in style of the country assumes use of natural materials, in a basis, certainly, a tree. The colour scale is close to light natural tones: different shades of yellow colour, green and blue, pink and orange, and others are welcomed. As country, first of all, style ecological style premise walls are painted in monophonic colour or are pasted over with paper wall-paper, with not striking drawing in a floret though they can be plastered simply, using various plaster that is very convenient when you will carry out, further, face lifting. It is possible to decorate walls with a border, and its bottom part to issue the decorative wooden panel under colour of wall-paper or plaster. On a floor wooden boards or the big, massive floor boards on which and it would be desirable to walk barefoot are dimmed and to feel warmly natural tree, but the tile under a natural stone is not rejected also.

The interior in style of the country assumes metal use that very much it is useful, when the kitchen repair is carried out, only all metal subjects should not be shining and chromeplated, and on the contrary, metal should look grown old, the brass and bronze perfectly will approach.

Will perfectly well add an interior a fireplace and products from manual ковки which will perfectly add each other as a support the graceful metal lattice is necessary for nippers and a woodpile for the fire wood, executed of shod metal for a fireplace, they, besides, the selected style is underlined. Not all things can create such sensation of heat, comfort and a cosiness in the house as fireplaces, therefore, today they so are popular, and are claimed. In city apartment it is possible to equip a small electric fireplace or to execute its imitation, instead of a flame using light of huge candles that bewitches a sight.

Besides, as a fine ornament the chimney shelf on which it is possible to put charming bagatelles serves, for example, antiquarian vases or candlesticks, photos in frameworks, semi-antique, or decorative plates, and it is possible to put easier candles. All these trifles are very important, as are obligatory attributes of style of the country. Near to a fireplace it is put wattled of ротанга or other rod, furniture, the rocking-chair, sofas, the various form, easy little tables, with glass table-tops, wattled chairs and armchairs with soft seats from natural rough fabrics are very claimed.

Such furniture a highlight of this style. Are pertinent as there will be ancient buffet or a dresser. In general for interior registration in rural style the furniture from a natural tree, with simple and correct forms, therefore plain regiments for ware is used, the buffet, high wardrobes, stools, hills, usual wooden beds and chairs all is the country. But, probably, it is not necessary, one to one, to repeat a rural life and its easy потрепанность. The modern constructive new furniture can be absolutely natural and natural, and it can give an a bit ragged kind.

Very important, and, probably, as the brightest addition interior design fabrics serve. In the country without them not to manage, the fabric gives to an interior unusual душевность, softness and comfort for this reason it so is often used. Different colouring and the sizes диванные pillows, curtains, covers on armchairs and chairs, cloths and coverlets, napkins and curtains and even lamp shades for fixtures, all from a fabric – all is decor elements in style of the country. The preference is given to handwork fabrics, to a section or a strip, or any other geometrical figure, is more rare in a small floret. And, certainly, the rural house is simply inconceivable without rugs, curtains and the small pillows executed by own hands, therefore very simple, but darlings. At windows of any weight, only lungs, on a wooden skeleton, curtains which, like the Roman curtains, rise horizontally.

Will add all this magnificence natural flowers in pots or bouquets from the dried up plants. All is very simple, but with unique atmosphere and colour of rural life.

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