Saturday, January 29, 2011

Face lifting of apartments

Face lifting traditionally is considered the least difficult version of works as does not mention bearing designs of a building. It is focused on change of appearance of a premise and allows to replace in the shortest terms style of registration of an interior, to correct small malfunctions, to freshen external shape of your house.

Our building organisation does is repair-painting and decorating qualitatively and in the shortest terms. We offer the whole spectrum of services which includes painting and plaster works, furnish of walls, interroom doors and many other things. We approach to these services in a complex. Our command operates harmoniously and operatively, as a result you receive qualitatively spent face lifting of apartment without essential financial expenses.

Cost of face lifting of apartment in our firm is low and begins from 1500 roubles for 1м2. However these figures are conditional. Payment depends on complexity of a task in view and volume of the planned works. After all all complex of services, it not only is repair-painting and decorating, but also working out of the general plan with all its components: etc. the Approximate price you can learn drawings, sketches, having called us under number specified more low. Tell to us about the ideas which need to be realised and during conversation we will in details count the approached cost.

That all has been executed at high level, the technical condition of your dwelling is to begin with estimated. One business if it is necessary for you only поклеить wall-paper and another if the whole complex of finishing procedures is necessary. By the way their complexity will be influenced also by various factors. For example, if in apartment small conditions to work much easier. For the period of repair is better to take out all furniture. If such possibility is not present, we can help you. Truth similar service is paid and influences terms of delivery of the project. One more moment: the good condition of a floor indoors, allows to save on materials for its furnish and works. Will spend however them more difficult not to damage an existing covering. Can exist and other nuances. All of them depend on character of repair and premise type.

So. Contact us. We will discuss all details of face lifting of apartment by phone and we name to you approximate cost. If you agree, our employees inspect a premise, we co-ordinate with you the list of works, the estimate and all project as a whole. After purchase of materials it is possible to begin industrial everyday life. Usually start is given after some days, after the cooperation agreement.

As shows experiment in most cases, the core that excites the client, is dates of performance, therefore we do not lose in vain time. All process is carried out under the schedule made in advance which one copy is at the customer. So you easily can observe of a course of work and not miss from the kind anything superfluous. However, special necessity for it is not present. Company experience is estimated not one year and successfully complete project. We can be trusted. We carry out the business qualitatively and honesty.

That the general cooperation occurred more productively, to you not bad would will familiarise with stages of all process. We represent to your attention the basic list of works on face lifting:

* Dismantle (clearing of walls of wall-paper, ceiling clearing, floor dismantle)
* Wiring and installation of the sanitary equipment (installation of sockets and switches, replacement of amalgamators of water)
* Furnish (partial putty walls, pasting of walls by wall-paper, colouring of wall-paper, laminate packing, installation of plinths, a first coat and ceiling colouring)
* Garbage carrying out, discharging.

So, you know about specificity of work already a little. Now it is possible to consider safely the future variant of your dwelling and to contact us. We about all will agree and we will execute apartment face lifting in the terms shortest and convenient for you. Positive mood and qualitative result we guarantee!

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