Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bathroom repair

Major repairs of any premise – the labour-intensive process covering great volume of works. It is the most appreciable in the premises sated with the equipment, which basic representative, the bathroom is. The dismantling works providing removal of an old tile, sanitary technicians, often layer of a floor or a coupler, sanitary, electroinstallation works and almost all other kinds of activity connected with repair. Less to see grandiose revolution in separately taken premise, is better to order bathroom repair "on a turn-key basis".

This service will release you from participation in all processes, except creation of the project which will be developed taking into account your preferences, wishes, and is, of course, co-ordinated with the customer to trifles. Cost of repair of a bathroom will depend on your inquiries on a turn-key basis.

Many try to begin a phone conversation with finding-out of cost of works. Represent, how it is difficult to answer similar inquiries, without knowing, what exactly wishes the customer? But, if for you it is a basic question specifying the approximate sum of forty thousand roubles, we mean average cost in which manages in Moscow qualitative, a complete repair of a bathroom of the average sizes, including dismantling and carrying out of the old equipment and the materials, all kinds of special works and full furnish of a premise. Shtukaturno-painting, плотницкие and the other works connected with furnish and re-planning, are included into repair on a turn-key basis.

We, hope, you understand that definitive cost of repair of a bathroom on a turn-key basis, will be named after the coordination of the project and estimate drawing up. If in the project to provide installation of heat-insulated floors, the device of mirror or even more extravagant ceilings, cost will differ from average values, but it will be co-ordinated with the client prior to the beginning of works! The accomplishment of a bathroom does not have a limit. All depends on wishes of the customer. This premise in design decisions, saturation by the equipment, painting and decorating, is limited only by its area and financial assets with which the owner of habitation intends to allocate for a bathroom. We want to notice that sometimes, bathroom repair on a turn-key basis manages more cheaply the approximate values specified by us.

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