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The African style in interior

The African style in interior. Building.
It would seem, today designers offer a large quantity of styles and directions for interiors of modern apartments, but really can surprise only exotic styles one of which, undoubtedly, is, so-called, African этно - style. It wins first place on a raciness, a saturation and unpredictability, it is style of vigorous, cheerful and fond people which, in the premises, prefer a hot, impulsive rhythm of the African style to the reserved and serious, patriarchal styles. For this reason, in many industrial cities it has the admirers, therefore repair of apartments in Moscow does not exclude its use at dressing of premises.

Any, even not skilled person, can define at once an accessory of simple household subjects and the utensils, the tribes of mysterious black continent impregnated with original creativity, to the African style: exotic sculptures, wooden dishes for fruit, ritual masks, pictures in a manner of the primitive art, the stylised fixtures.

Certainly, completely to reproduce in apartment the African hut or a wigwam it is not necessary, but, in cafe and bars, it is quite possible, and can give to a premise presence illusion on the African continent. Here is where to clear up creative thought of the designer.

But do not despair, to solve a question of an interior of apartment in the African style quite probably, by the way, it also well enough at the price. For example, carrying out kitchen repair, it is possible to stylise an extract over a plate under a hut roof, decorating its appropriate amount. On a wall it is possible to hang up decorative painted or stamping plates. Will change any kitchen dressing, by means of curtains and the napkins executed from a linen fabric, with the embroidered figures of tigers and giraffes.

The ethnic subjects brought from Africa are perfectly well combined with any interior let even advanced, therefore the moderation in their use only is welcomed. Here it is safely possible to apply expression: «скромненько, but with taste». For example, the strict sofa, in style of minimalism, will change at once the kind if to cover with its bright plaid with amusing drawing, and nearby to scatter a pillow contrast colour, on all available surfaces to put various flat dishes and unusual forms of a figurine. Face lifting in such premise too will not represent special complexity. Simply enough to recolour walls, and, to rearrange and move subjects interior design, and, here, please, you as though in other apartment.

In a drawing room pertinently to place the big floor wooden vases in which there will be bamboo stalks, walls to decorate with painted trays and various masks which will give an especial raciness and extraordinariness. On tables souvenirs from the African stone are placed. It is not necessary something especial to fill a premise spirit of the African safari, it simply fill with the various fixtures executed in ethnic style, and as various ware and furniture, оббитой a fabric which drawing simulates fur of wild animals, for example a jaguar. By the way there will be also floor Moroccan fixtures from a skin, painted with natural paints. Will bring the unique colour, in any premise, and the Spanish-Mauritian chests made from ebene of a tree or the Lebanese cedar and fitted by a skin of a buffalo or a camel, or, inlaid with a bone, with inserts from copper and a brass.

The colour scale is filled bright, warm colours, red, yellow, orange, symbolising pleasure of life and a hot climate of Africa. However, it is not necessary to forget that all this heat it is necessary to dilute with the vivifying cool, therefore some oasis in an interior, in the form of the big ornamental plants which are placed in clay, with a corresponding list pots, it is very pertinent. Will always please an eye small, flowing down along a wall, falls or small фонтанчик.

The Moroccan subjects from берберской ceramics in which manufacturing various styles and traditions have mixed up are very nice, ancient Judaic stamping with symbolical images and as the Spanish-Mauritian furniture executed in extremely exotic and grotesque kind, and all together breaks standard representations about an interior of apartments is magnificent also.

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