Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Non-standard windows are a decoration of your interior

Difficult to imagine some dwelling apartment without windows. Windows give light us, warm and crisp air.

Non-standard windows are a decoration of your interior.
All of us got used to that a window is this square opening in a wall, glass and frame cuttings-in in that. But if to look at windows on the other hand, then it is possible to detect, that window it is not only light, doing our house warm and comfortable but also most enormous possibility to do the interior of the apartment unusual or even unique.

Non-standard windows
Believe, exactly a window with lightness can become the that sparkle of your apartment that will do her design unique. And the question here is quite not about window shades, cornices and other elements of decor, the question is about windows as such.

Non-standard windows
Earth is in a porthole.

If you want, that your interior was distinguished by the originality from thousand quite unnecessarily to spend millions on every whimsical little things - it is enough to do your window aperture not rectangular, and round, we it admits. This non-standard decision will present to the interior of your apartment that необычайность, about that you dreamed.

Non-standard windows
Yet more successful will be this experiment, if your dwelling is located higher than the third floor - a kind from such window will yet more attract your look. Hiding such window under window shades, certainly, is not needed, vice versa, he needs to be splurged, and by various methods to underline his beauty.

Not bad various glass shelves, on that you will be able to place different little things that roads to your heart, will look next to such window.

Non-standard windows
From ceiling to the plinth.

The so-called French windows like, for example, very many people. French in Russia it was got used to name a window from a plinth to ceiling, id est practically in all wall. While, unfortunately, not all can take the liberty of to incarnate all ideas in life, and to see such windows we got used anymore in serials about beautiful life, than in our everyday life, but progress does not cost in place, and in very quick time in Russia such windows will leave off to be rareness.

Non-standard windows
Such window can many show oneself not practical. It will be cold in winter, and in summer, vice versa, hot. But it only on the face of it. On business main all prettily to think over. It is needed to invite a good specialist for consultation and necessary calculations. Certainly, on the ground floor of ordinary multistoried building such window can cause some discomfort . Feeling can be present, that you someone watches constantly. But for the last floors the French window can be a remarkable decision. A window aperture from a plinth to ceiling will present the enormous amount of light to your apartment, what a room by sight will increase due to.

Correctly executed such window will become the main constituent of your interior certainly. If your apartment is on one of the last floors of multistoried building, then you can take the liberty of not to curtain off a window in general. If with open windows do you feel uncomfortably, then it is possible to hang up very easy window shades heavy and dark here will not suit categorically, otherwise, why to do such window, if then to hide him?

Non-standard windows
A stained-glass window is a decision not for all.
How does a stained-glass window look? Do not find an answer for this question? Then imagine a glass picture. Now present that your window and I am this picture. Interestingly, indeed? It is needed to say that stained-glass windows today go back into a fashion, in fact a picture from the pieces of varicoloured glass looks really refined.

Non-standard windows. A stained-glass window is a decision not for all.
But a stained-glass window ideally will blend far not in every interior. Such window must be continuation of some history, history that is told by your interior. The point is that a stained-glass window is one of ancient works of art, and, and an interior of your apartment must be in such style. But if you will invite a designer (business professional) and will tell to him about the idea, then he necessarily will think of history for your interior and the protagonist of this history will be exactly a stained-glass window. Yet more interesting such window becomes, if it will be, for example, arched form. In general, here to your fantasy I am where to be walked about.

Working out the totals, it be possible to say, that today exists many methods to do the interior interesting and unusual. Main not to go across a that border that dissociates refinement and beauty from ridiculous bad taste. So that better do not feel sorry facilities and invite the designer of interior that will help to incarnate you in life all your ideas. Successes to you!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Russian Stairway to Heaven

Russian Stairway to Heaven abuts against a wall.

Russian Stairway to Heaven abuts against a wall. Russian style in building.
Maybe, so the gate of paradise look.

Russian Stairway to Heaven. Maybe, so the gate of paradise look. Russian style.
Downward on a stair, anchorwoman upwards.

Russian Stairway to Heaven. Russian style. Downward  on a stair, anchorwoman  upwards.
Stair for high jumps.

Stair for high jumps. Russian Stairway to Heaven. Russian style.
Stair for shots by a head at a wall.

Russian Stairway to Heaven. Stair for shots by a head at a wall. Russian style.
There are not comments.

Russian Stairway to Heaven. There are not comments. Russian style.
The poor on devices is sly.

The poor on devices is sly. Russian Stairway to Heaven. Russian style.
Human foolishness does not have nationality. An avidity generates similar pictures in any countries.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stages of building of the frame house

1. Stage of acceptance of the concept of the future house and project choice.

At this stage it is necessary to be defined with key parametres of a choice of the project of the frame house.

House floor space.

For this purpose, at first it is necessary to be defined with prospective quantity living in the house, thus it is necessary to consider not only existing structure of a family, but also prospect of its replenishment. It is considered that the person harmoniously perceives inhabited space if on one living 30-40 square metres of habitation are necessary. Further it is required to be defined with house premises according to their appointment and their necessary quantity, it is not necessary to forget about auxiliary and technical premises. Having co-ordinated on a family council these questions it is possible to define in the first approach the first parametre – a total area of the future house.

Аn amount of floors is in a house.

Here already known conditions – a total area and appointment of premises, for decision-making become criteria for decision-making, to them it is necessary to add the sizes of available territory of building and its lay-out, the factor of specific features of the future tenants, for example, elderly members of a family can experience difficulties if they have to rise on the third floor on a ladder, also the superfluous will not think of harmony with already constructed houses in your settlement.

Constructive and technological complexity, in building sense.

At a project choice it is necessary to consider, what forces of workers, their qualification means, is planned to realise the conceived. For example, there is a desire to equip a ground floor, perfectly, a part of technical premises – garage, a boiler-house, premises for maintenance of in shape – training, zones allowing to relax, a sauna, a home theatre hall, wine cellar, etc. all these premises can be placed in a ground floor. But in this case it is necessary to understand, the device of a maintained basement, is one of the most difficult, in technical sense of a word, works. That the equipped zone has brought an expected relaxation, instead of a continuous headache, for work it is required to address to civil engineering firm possessing qualified personnel, experience of carrying out of similar works and good reputation. Much more simple decision at building of the frame house, this device deepened finely the base and carrying over of all above the listed premises on level above a zero mark. Cost of materials, works and risk of reception not qualitative result will decrease for an order. The same weighed approach is necessary for applying, choosing from variety of variants of furnish of a facade, size of flights between support of overlappings, constructive complexity of a roof, etc. Thus I at all do not urge to choose the elementary projects with двухскатной a roof, very much the other way the frame technology opens before architects the almost not limited possibilities for realisation of the imagination.

Engineering systems.

Electrical supply, supply of water and system of its preparation, the water drain, choice heating and system of moving away of smoke, ventilation and air conditioning system. Important to make a choice of necessary life-support systems of your house at this stage, without postponing this question on then. As this choice will affect quantity and the area of technical premises. For example, the heating copper will demand a separate premise - a boiler-house, and in case of use as a source of heat of diesel fuel in addition and a separate input, opposite to system of automatic electro-heating get divorced from an electroboard, without taking away floor space metre. If there is no possibility to be connected to the centralised system of water supply it is necessary to use independent sources of water supply, most likely it will be an individual chink, in 90 percent of cases it is necessary to clear water of undesirable inclusions, it becomes by means of systems of water purification which also will demand a separate premise.

2. Project choice.

The project coordination in architectural department and building licence reception.

3. House binding on district.

Geological conditions of district on which building is conducted, demand a binding of the chosen project. Any standard project carry out under condition of building on an equal platform that in real life meets extremely seldom. There are two ways of a binding – without change of a lay of land and in this case processing of a socle and underground part, or with change of a relief of building is required, this method depending on a bias and problems of further use of territory will demand or platform planning, or it creation of terraces, last variant demands smaller expenses more often.

4. Calculation of quantity of necessary materials and scoping of works, choice of partners.

For calculation of quantity of materials necessary for building of the frame house, amount of works, and also their cost can use the help of experts. For example, having given to us, the complete set of the design documentation, you can receive the detailed specification on materials and works, on the base device, erection of a skeleton of walls and overlappings, their warmings, materials of external and internal coverings, variants of facing of a facade, materials of a roofing design, a window and a door of entrance group also will enter into it. Work with our Firm will be convenient and favourable, first of all, to that we have more than 10 summer experience of deliveries of building materials in wide assortment, being direct partners of hundreds manufacturers of production of building appointment. Working with us in all assortment of necessary building materials, except convenience, you have the right to count on considerable discounts, also.

5. Platform preparation.

Base breakdown. A supply of communications. Building of the base of the frame house.>

6. Erection of a design of the wooden frame house.

Power design of the frame house

1. An intermediate rack of a skeleton.
2. Bottom обвязка.
3. A wooden beam of overlapping.
4. An angular rack of a skeleton.
5. проёмный a crossbar.
6. Top обвязка.
7. Bottom обвязка.
8. стропильная a foot.
9. A wooden beam of garret overlapping.

Elements of a power skeleton provide spatial rigidity of a design of the frame house. Thus for the best transfer of loadings on bearing elements of walls, overlappings and rafters, the step of installation of racks, wooden beams of overlappings and rafters is desirable for accepting the identical. The step between power elements of a design of the frame house can be accepted from 0,5м to 1м. At a thickness of a rack 50мм optimum value will be or a step 0,625м if the width of the chosen material of a covering is equal 1,25м. (It is cement-struzhechnaja a plate (ЦСП)), or a step 0,61м, for those cases when the width of a material of a covering will make 1,22м. (orientirovanno-struzhechnaja a plate (OSB) or plywood). The offered step of installation of power elements of a design of the frame house will successfully be co-ordinated and with parametre of width минераловатных теплоизоляционных plates, dense installation of plates between bearing elements in this case is provided. Also the superfluous will not notice that the similar step of installation стропильных feet is admissible for use of any roofing materials.

As the basis for a frame wall serves bottom обвязка in which quality the wooden bar of sections 150х150мм is used, 150х200мм where the second size defines width of a rack and a thickness of a heat-insulation layer. It is preliminary carried out waterproofing отсечка a wooden design from the base, to this purpose use the roofing material combined in 2-3 layers. For prevention of lateral shift, bars bottom обвязки fasten to the base by means of anchors. Прямоугольность installations of bars обвязки it is verified by means of a building square (the fastened ends of a rope with the parties 3м, 5м and 2). Installation of racks of a skeleton should be begun with house corners, vertical position is checked by a plumb or building level. As angular racks of a frame wall it is necessary to use a bar square сечения150х150мм or 200х200мм, depending on the chosen thickness of a heater.

Intermediate racks should be exposed with observance of a uniform plane of a wall, also carefully checking vertical position of installation, further it will allow to avoid complexities with installation of an external and internal covering. Connection of elements of the wooden frame house is better to carry out by means of the steel zinced connectors which represent тавровую a plate or a square with the amplifier, for fastening of a wooden beam of overlapping use the steel zinced crampon, such way, unlike cuttings, increases speed of installation, and also raises rigidity of a power design of the frame house since places of connections are not weakened by cuttings. Finishes a frame wall top обвязка, usually it is a board section 50х150мм or 50х200мм. The wooden beam of overlapping, and then bottom обвязка a following floor, its section 50х150мм or 50х200мм is Afterwards established. Window and doorways, as a rule, have width big, than a step of installation of racks of a skeleton, therefore are made выпилы racks and installation проёмных crossbars.

7. Warming of a design of the frame house.

Before a bookmark теплоизоляционных plates, from the interior of the house, it is necessary to mount пароизоляционный a layer. Having convinced of quality of performance паробарьера, it is possible to start installation of plates of a thermal protection. Thus it is necessary to observe some simple rules.

* In building of the frame house, as a heater of a wall it is better to use минераловатные теплоизоляционные plates on a glass or stone fibre in density to 35kg/m3, thus the width of a plate should be wider than distance between racks on 2,0-3,5см, in this case plates rise densely without backlashes.
* It is necessary to do a thickness of a layer of a thermal protection type-setting, for example, in 150мм, it is necessary to type a layer or from 3 layers on 50мм, or from two layers 100мм and 50мм.
* Layers should be shifted rather each other, blocking horizontal seams.

Installation гидро, - a wind-shelter breathing membrane becomes finishing operation of warming of a wall of the frame house. More in detail about designs of walls see more low.

All rules of installation of a thermal protection in walls are completely applicable for warming of wooden overlappings, behind that only a difference that as a thermal protection it is possible to apply минераловатные floor-mats in density to 11 kg./m. 3 on a glass fibre. Without functionality loss, it will give more than polutoro-fold economy. More in detail the scheme of wooden overlapping over a cold underground and interfloor overlapping, and also the table of sections of wooden beams of overlapping, depending on a step of installation and distances between support, представленны more low.

8. External and internal covering of frame walls.

The external covering raises mechanical rigidity of a design of frame walls, and also carries out function of protection of an internal part of a skeleton from atmospheric influence. In building of frame houses as an external covering plywood of mark ФСФ, plates OSB 3 (orientirovanno-struzhechnaja plates of the raised water resistance) and plates ЦСП (it is cement-struzhechnye plates) is applied. The last it is more preferable, if it is supposed to plaster a facade.

The internal covering also is a link of a power design of the frame house, and can be executed under more low presented scheme. If at installation of racks of a skeleton it was not possible to observe a uniform plane the internal covering can be executed a board section 25х150мм, a board thus "beat" nails through one, gypsum cardboard sheets, in this variant, it will be necessary to mount on the zinced profiles. The obvious minus of the second variant, is floor space loss. For example, on a room 1,4 m. 2 will appear the area of 25 metres lost, on the house of 250 m. 2 masters of the house will not be counted by the area, approximately, 14 m. 2!

9. Installation стропильной designs.

The design of a roof of the frame house has no basic differences. It is recommended only installation стропильных feet to make with step equal to a step of installation of racks of a skeleton. In detail with requirements shown to стропильным to designs.

10. Installation of a ceramic flue.

11. Installation of windows and doors of entrance group.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Japanese style in interior

Japanese style in interior
Interest to culture of the east constantly grows. Moreover, it is now very fashionable and actual. People, as a rule, long live in these camps, that promoted very much by a rhythm and style of their life, and it should interest inhabitants of modern western megacities, but especially they are drawn by Japan. It is the mysterious and original country which perfectly combines centuries-old traditions and technical progress, and in Japan it has reached inconceivable heights.

The fashion on all "Japanese" has come to us together with tape recorders and TVs, a land, a kimono and tea ceremonies. And today, Japanese style types popularity and in design of interiors.

Very many on advantage have estimated its elegance, simplicity, functionality and, absolutely not habitual decisions for standard problems. An essence of a Japanese interior, this pacification and simplicity of what never you are tired and it is impossible to be satiated. The house executed under all laws of Japanese style, says that its owner, is not subject to vanity and chaos of the modern world, is wise, capable to see and admire fine and the most ordinary. For this reason, many designers, carrying out repair of apartments, use for registration of interiors Japanese style.

All business in the Japanese philosophy, which inseparably linked with the nature. It concerns colours, materials and a composition as a whole. But the basic line of the Japanese house borrowed at the nature, is possibility to change and be transformed, and also to grow. The matter is that the Japanese house, has no walls, and the landscape should be direct continuation of an interior.

From within the house does not share on rooms, it is divided into «functional zones», it is reached by means of various curtains, screens, and also at the expense of different level of a floor. It is all and there is a modern Japanese style. Screens facilitate apartment space, do its transparent, changing their site, it is possible, though every day, to change an interior.

Japanese interior as the doctor or the medicine, has therapeutic and calming effect. You slam behind yourself an entrance door, and all vanity remains outside. At the heart of style spatial emptiness as the heap of subjects, is considered, basically, not necessary and distracting from thoughts on eternity.

Therefore, before starting dressing in Japanese style, it is necessary to release all space from all unnecessary, such unnecessary elements can become and walls, at least, them should be as less as possible. Certainly, it is not necessary to take down bearing designs thus.

Irreproachable colour combinations, laconic forms are inherent in Japanese style. It slightly minimalism, but absolutely not not overloaded with attention. The space is quiet, is structured and is clear.

Japanese, absolutely in an especial way, with the big trembling, concern the nature, probably because Japan is located on small, after the area, the islands, therefore natural natural colours are peculiar to the given style, advantage is given to light scale, and most of all they love all shades white, it is beige, dairy, cream.

The Japanese interior is inconceivable without straw mattresses, so-called, tatami which simultaneously serve both a bed and a floor. They are very convenient and undemanding in leaving, and straw does not bring any harm to health, and still they are capable to regulate humidity and air temperature indoors. At night татами cover with a soft mattress футон, which else name a field for love fights which is turned off and cleaned in the morning.

All in an interior should be from a natural material: a bamboo, a tree, a rice paper, straw and a rough brick. The spirit of the Japanese house promotes a pacification, meditation, and rest from external troubles.

Wall-paper is better be not to using, instead of them a light paint which reminds a reed or a tree on colour. Fabrics of the same, it is white - cream shades, it is more preferable natural: silk and a clap. The vacation spot, in the rising sun Country, is in the room centre

Windows for Japanese, it is a direct connection with the nature. Window frames serve as though as a natural frame of pictures which behind a window, therefore they are executed from natural materials, or from a plastic and metal combination, and under the invoice are very similar to picture frames.

Furniture in Japanese dwelling graceful, tiny and functional. As a rule, it is low comfortable sofas, a low little table behind which eat, write, squatting or on a floor.

Japanese, practically, do not use furniture as it is accepted in Europe. For example, "the European" cases are absolutely not necessary to them, they use the special niches located in walls which, as a rule, decorate figurines or vases.

For Japanese furniture the same are characteristic not bright, reserved light tone, its surface not impressive, smooth. Very seldom with graceful metal accessories, is even more rare with varnish, colourful furnish. The bed role belongs to a mat with a pattern over which the cotton mattress is thrown. The pillow role is carried out by a support from a tree. Nearby an obligatory paper small lamp with реечным a wooden skeleton. Approximately the same simplicity and even modesty, should be present, when kitchen repair in Japanese style is carried out, but, and it is obvious, it should be as much as possible functional and comprise numerous household appliances, for conveniences.

Light in the Japanese house plays an important role as he underlines the importance and uniqueness of not numerous home decoration, therefore it should be disseminated and soft. Eternal game of semitones and tones, light and a shade bewitches east mysteriousness and as, conditionally divides space into some zones: the worker, rest and entertainments. Light should be much, rooms should them be filled literally. Light is an important part of the general composition. The classical forms of fixtures giving special, Japanese colour to all premise are very actual. As a rule, it is paper lamp shades in the form of a rectangle, a sphere, prisms which help to do light disseminated and warm, not blinding an eye, but allocating each element of a decor.

It is impossible to name Japanese interior design finished without traditional accessories which include ethnic ornaments and motives. It, first of all, miniatures-netske, various caskets, interior dolls in national clothes, straw or bamboo rugs, Japanese fans with the image of an Oriental cherry, a maple, a pine branch, the ceramic vases, all it will be magnificent to supplement and strengthen effect of Japanese style. It is necessary to notice that each thing in an interior is unique and unique, as a rule, handwork.

Special, unique colour and charm at the Japanese tea services, traditional ceramic dishes, with round or square forms, well and where, without the well-known chopsticks which undersign manually and stored in special supports.

All clothes and utensils hides in the built in sliding cases. Writing-materials and jewelry, as a rule, contain in the varnished, carved caskets. Walls of premises if decorate, only bright paper fans and traditional engravings.

The special attention is given to a dwarfish tree "bonsais", beauty and the big pride of Japanese. As a rule, it is blossoming plum or a small pine, absolutely tiny, casts to owners of thought on eternity. All supplement east aromas which let out the flavoured candles or sticks.

Basic feature of Japanese style is the minimalism. In the house there should not be nothing superfluous, all only the most necessary.

Style Kitsch

Style Kitsch
Occurrence "style - a kitsch" has simply turned, upside down, all representations about styles, and design, about colour and impressive compatibility. Its main idea which a red thread passes through its concept, consists in a kind sneer at art tastes and history, traditions and styles.

At the head of a corner not covered bad taste, it is main principle of a choice and intended not combinations of colours, the invoice and decor subjects. The psychology of the person is that that he always aspires to present itself(himself) better, than it is actually, and this desire to look more solid and rich, has laid down in a basis of style a kitsch. Earlier when each product was individual, on its manufacturing days, week and even year with growth of technical progress there was possible a conveyor manufacture with which help it was possible to put any "masterpiece" on a stream left.

Thanks to it, in 60 70 years, in the market there was a large quantity of respectable things which, as a matter of fact, were their cheap copy, but trustful consumers it at all did not confuse, they with ecstasy transformed the apartments into «magnificent apartments». To reach an outer effect it has appeared so simply, and the effect, has appeared unusual, therefore and today, fans to "show off" by means of style the kitsch.

Registration of apartments in this style fashionable enough and bright direction of last years. It is so exotic that simply amazes imagination. Style a kitsch, it, as a matter of fact, very original and rethought repetition of classical style, is an unimaginable cocktail which has mixed real a retro with imaginations about it.

Certainly, it would be completely not bad, if these imaginations have art taste and sense of proportion. In colour scale of a kitsch that only is not present. At it are present, absolutely, any colours and shades, beginning, with brightly scarlet and pink, finishing violet and green. Recently, even more often apply aggressively bright, red colour, and also, white and black, and, by all means, gold.

Many people, simply do not guess that have surrounded itself with a kitsch, can they somewhere it and heard, but do not know that it means. To data, a kitsch, in translation from German, cheap bad taste means that not strongly pleases.

But always there will be people who, несмотря, on what, are ready to surprise and result all in bewilderment, denying all classical authorities. They funny and brightly put on, at all times, and as funny and in an original way equip the house. So, from this point of view, style the kitsch, existed always, only anybody did not know about it.

In the majority, it is generated from satiation and improbable luxury, or, on the contrary, from poverty which tries to become rich. But also in that and in other case it, as a call, aspiration to shocking, display, let and thus, the eccentricity and freedom.

The kitsch from a solvency, is interesting enough variant as in many respects it depends on taste of the customer having specific enough idea about luxury and beauty, at it the glamour, and any belief of the designer cannot convince such customer that he risks when realises the wishes. All arguments of the professional fall about its categorical confidence of own outstanding taste and personal correctness. Here, will or bondage, works a principle that the customer is always right. The owner of apartment, for example, can insist on that it has been executed in antique design of Greece. Then there there are porticoes and columns, and in those places where the owner specifies, but they can be most not approaching and unexpected, let us assume, in a doorway, and caryatids and atlants, among other things, should be similar to owners of dwellings.

This inept imitation to noble samples, the roots, leaves in days of old when provincial hotels, aspired to be similar not less than on hotel "Astoria" that in the city of St.-Petersburg. In these hotels it was possible to meet an ivy, instead of a velvet, толстенные the modelled frames painted, under gold, a bronze paint, instead of the gilt baguettes, and on walls the world "masterpieces" ordered in the local handicraftsman hung. Marble on bas-reliefs of walls and columns the drawn. But, in the majority, owners of such institutions very much were proud and that the most interesting, enjoyed a cheap beautiful copy. Them simply held apart from own "security", and the others, and in truth so thought. Russian prototype of style a kitsch existed for a long time and, very precisely, displayed its idea.

Absolutely other shape at a kitsch of an interior from poverty. It, on attitude, is similar to punks and street graffiti. These interiors saturated self-made partitions and curtains from polyethylene, a wall are painted by an aerosol paint, an is bright-sour shade, and furniture from the nearest dump. Here the irony to become grotesque and, often, passes in aggression, but desire to have at least something, instead of naked walls and windows, the reason outweighs. Such registration of internal space is deprived any common sense and not to everyone to taste, therefore to live with such interior it is possible only in a certain state of mind.

In the Western countries, at one time, in magazines printed articles on a design theme the hands from make-shifts. Then was considered that any person has certain art and creative potential, and as sense of beauty. Certainly, about qualities and a rationality of such councils, at times and it is not necessary to speak.

In our socialist past, ideologists have written down a kitsch in the black list of narrow-mindedness and mass bourgeois culture which were strictly punished by various censures. Older persons remember ruthless struggle against plaster coin boxes in shape of sitting cats, with rugs «three bears» and with little elephant on whatnots.

But, without looking, on what, style a kitsch, has defended the place in the sun! The people it is obedient has thrown out on a dustbin of bears and little elephant, but, instead, in ornaments of apartments crystal and everything began to be used actively that «under crystal», it is enough to remember, broken all records of popularity, a chandelier "Cascade". Walls and floors, without fail, were in carpets that at once allowed to have the status of rich and dear person.

Today carpets obviously not so are actual, but the general principle of registration of own habitation, on belief, «time all is beautiful, it is necessarily rich» has remained that is called, in the best kind. But, possibilities has for this purpose appeared much more, and it is possible for you, at home to carry out «exit session of the Peterhof palace ensemble».

Here everything is pertinent, since antique columns and the arcades which are propping up low ceilings, curtains, with a drapery from a lining fabric, floor vases, with the faded plastic colours, crystal chandeliers, but from the Czech glass, a stucco moulding from polyfoam, with "gilding", pictures, in "bronze" frames, house фонтанчиков, the gnomes surrounded with figures, cases, with carved curls «under a tree», window sills, "marbled", and finishing other elements of beautiful and rich life. All it, according to owners, urged to create atmosphere of the prosperous house. By the way, carrying out kitchen repair, all is possible not badly it to combine, certainly, be not overzealous.

It is necessary to notice that style a kitsch is not expressed financially. The luxury and the present value of things do not guarantee that this style will not lodge in your house, therefore if you, at an accomplishment of the interior, pursue the unique aim, to amaze all with the financial well-being very much can be that this purpose will finish you … to a kitsch.

And it is absolutely unimportant that you have paid fantastic sums for Gothic windows, and the fireplace in an English drawing room has managed to you in the whole condition if your spouse hangs up a tulle on these windows, and from above velvet curtains with "gold" brushes, and over a fireplace will flaunt, поистер the Sikstinsky Madonna. Even the most magnificent house will not look noble and elegant, if its owner has one purpose, self-affirmation and boasting by personal riches. Certainly, in the normal life, specially sustained style a kitsch the phenomenon rare enough, but sometimes meets, as a rule, it speaks about specific sense of humour of owners.

So, a kitsch as the intricate child of our time, already became a part of history of design and completely independent style, but, all the same, probably, it is not necessary to try to connect, unjoinable.

Interior in style of the country

The twentieth century, truly, a century of opening both in a science and the technician, and in culture and building, and its beginning has presented to the whole world easy, romantic style of the country. Using it in an interior, it is possible to create elegant and cosy atmosphere of the house. "Country" means rural, it means that in its decor rural motives prevail, and the native land England though in each country there are villages and the small villages is considered, each nationality has the traditions, means also the features in registration of this style. At the heart of style lie developed centuries a way of life, dialogue, a life of the countryman, it is not dependent on he lives in what country. But, that less, English villages, have laid down in the basis of classical style of the country. Very accurate and arranged well, with paved small streets and the cosy residences which are buried in verdure and flower beds.

In spite of the fact that in the last century there was a big migration of agricultural population in cities, this rural style could remain, as original and organic, and now, as if, celebrates the rebirth and gets the admirers. And it is not surprising, as overloaded with a city rhythm and vanity people want to have a rest at home, and, then, practically everyone has rural roots, especially it concerns big cities. For this reason repair of apartments even more often means interior registration in style of the country though city life in rural style demands certain compromises.

Has put it not such and difficult, and the things stored on mezzanines inherited by us from our ancestors, will help to bring nostalgic notes in a decor and will fill our house with family atmosphere of a cosiness and heat. To any other design style, in such full measure, it was not possible to carry by in itself, developing centuries, national traditions and spirituality. For this reason, each subject which has got by right of succession, becomes, an interesting and expensive element of an interior, but still it helps to save up patrimonial roots of a family.

Style of the country has developed for a long time, but also today it to look capable to is modern enough, the main thing not to go too far in a decor and to refuse pretentiousness, as at the heart of style refined simplicity and naturalness, and so - functionality.

If completely to follow a technique premise registration in style of the country assumes use of natural materials, in a basis, certainly, a tree. The colour scale is close to light natural tones: different shades of yellow colour, green and blue, pink and orange, and others are welcomed. As country, first of all, style ecological style premise walls are painted in monophonic colour or are pasted over with paper wall-paper, with not striking drawing in a floret though they can be plastered simply, using various plaster that is very convenient when you will carry out, further, face lifting. It is possible to decorate walls with a border, and its bottom part to issue the decorative wooden panel under colour of wall-paper or plaster. On a floor wooden boards or the big, massive floor boards on which and it would be desirable to walk barefoot are dimmed and to feel warmly natural tree, but the tile under a natural stone is not rejected also.

The interior in style of the country assumes metal use that very much it is useful, when the kitchen repair is carried out, only all metal subjects should not be shining and chromeplated, and on the contrary, metal should look grown old, the brass and bronze perfectly will approach.

Will perfectly well add an interior a fireplace and products from manual ковки which will perfectly add each other as a support the graceful metal lattice is necessary for nippers and a woodpile for the fire wood, executed of shod metal for a fireplace, they, besides, the selected style is underlined. Not all things can create such sensation of heat, comfort and a cosiness in the house as fireplaces, therefore, today they so are popular, and are claimed. In city apartment it is possible to equip a small electric fireplace or to execute its imitation, instead of a flame using light of huge candles that bewitches a sight.

Besides, as a fine ornament the chimney shelf on which it is possible to put charming bagatelles serves, for example, antiquarian vases or candlesticks, photos in frameworks, semi-antique, or decorative plates, and it is possible to put easier candles. All these trifles are very important, as are obligatory attributes of style of the country. Near to a fireplace it is put wattled of ротанга or other rod, furniture, the rocking-chair, sofas, the various form, easy little tables, with glass table-tops, wattled chairs and armchairs with soft seats from natural rough fabrics are very claimed.

Such furniture a highlight of this style. Are pertinent as there will be ancient buffet or a dresser. In general for interior registration in rural style the furniture from a natural tree, with simple and correct forms, therefore plain regiments for ware is used, the buffet, high wardrobes, stools, hills, usual wooden beds and chairs all is the country. But, probably, it is not necessary, one to one, to repeat a rural life and its easy потрепанность. The modern constructive new furniture can be absolutely natural and natural, and it can give an a bit ragged kind.

Very important, and, probably, as the brightest addition interior design fabrics serve. In the country without them not to manage, the fabric gives to an interior unusual душевность, softness and comfort for this reason it so is often used. Different colouring and the sizes диванные pillows, curtains, covers on armchairs and chairs, cloths and coverlets, napkins and curtains and even lamp shades for fixtures, all from a fabric – all is decor elements in style of the country. The preference is given to handwork fabrics, to a section or a strip, or any other geometrical figure, is more rare in a small floret. And, certainly, the rural house is simply inconceivable without rugs, curtains and the small pillows executed by own hands, therefore very simple, but darlings. At windows of any weight, only lungs, on a wooden skeleton, curtains which, like the Roman curtains, rise horizontally.

Will add all this magnificence natural flowers in pots or bouquets from the dried up plants. All is very simple, but with unique atmosphere and colour of rural life.

Interior in style of Elektika

Interior in style of Elektika
At the big desire, or emergency, it is possible, and in space of one room, to find a faultless combination of various styles. For example, if you adore, modern style hi-tech, but do not want to leave, thus, a grandmother's carved dresser from an oak. The main thing so to organise space near to a dresser that it did not look the outsider, and it will be simply remarkable, if he also favourably underlines the general idea of an interior of a room. Besides, if the family consisting of several persons lives in one apartment, different age, mixture of styles becomes simply necessary. Here then to you the eclecticism to the aid will come, it is modern, but very original style, as a sponge, incorporated some directions. Repair of apartments in Moscow, in its apartments, Khruschev's type, can be carried out by means of this unusual modern style.

The XX-th century has become history of design, as a century which has mixed all styles, that is eclecticism.

In the beginning of the last century it seemed that all is already created also all attempts of avant-gardists in creation something new rested that already has been created and reflected by someone in various cultures of the East and the West earlier. And then it became clear that if to borrow experience at each of cultures, and then all to connect, it is possible to create something interesting and new. Here in the third millenium style which on the structure is rather diverse also has turned out.

That the composition has turned out harmonious, mix close styles, for example baroque and a modernist style, classicism and an empire style then things in an interior, do not contradict each other. But sometimes, elements of various styles are intentionally opposed, then it is already risky experiment. And still, so pleasantly when mixture of the elements belonging by different epoch, in extraordinary proportions, leads to a single whole, and enters into amazing harmony, creating absolutely inimitable, picturesque and individual style eclecticism.

All interior design of such house, teems with contradictions literally, for example, among themselves samples of the most various painting perfectly get on, since children's drawings and finishing cloths of ancient masters. The ancient sofa which has worried of many epoch, has perfectly added modern easy chairs. It is necessary to notice that thus in an interior where subjects of various style are mixed, it is important to do accent on details because they are capable to unite such different things. We will admit, you want to make a key part of a drawing room manually painted fabrics which you have bought, on an exotic resort. That it is successful to allocate this element of a decor, it is necessary to consider carefully colour scale of a room, for example, a part of walls, it is necessary to leave white, and a part to paint with the sated colours which it is perfectly underlined all individuality of the elements of dressing located on their background. By the way, such reception can give to an interior additional depth.

Any house, as a live organism. Individual traits of masters of the house leave a certain mark and for its image. It constantly develops together with the tenants, and grows old. Many home decoration so fallen in love to grandmothers and grandfathers, grow old together with them, and become antiques and the basic decorative accent, and sometimes, on the contrary, so to owners that they and would throw out all for a long time, but it is very difficult to them to leave a part of the, so favourite, the past. Familiarly, isn't that so? Do not hasten to send all it on a dump, it is a little imagination and here already, at first sight, things not approaching each other on style so have made friends that is simply not clear, how they were separately earlier. Thus, you simply managed to create eclecticism, and it is very harmonious. Kitchen repair as can be carried out with eclecticism use, perfectly well combining the past and present, black and white, the east and the West.

Similar original interiors, often are present at houses where people much and travel and bring various souvenirs from trips. Contrary to everything, all things, apparently, brought of the different countries, perfectly well get on with various furniture, both with modern, and with the ancient. In this house the set various вещичек which together create a surprising cocktail of a decor easy co-exists. And the general tendency of such interior, consists in a flight of fancy and thought freedom, when things so pleasant to the owner, supplement each other, невзирая on any styles. Such interiors are absolutely unique and unusually decorative: they are impregnated by the colour, each detail represents a small work of art, but all together they are magnificent.